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Festival Disney 2014, AAA Division Concert Band, Excellent Rating Chorus, Superior Rating String Orchestra, Superior Rating and Best In Class 
20 FHS Music Students made the Central District Music Festival 
FHS French Horn Player made 2014 All National Honor Concert band held in Nashville, Tennessee. She has also made the All Eastern Honors Band. 
3 FHS Music Students made All State Music Festival 
13 Franklin Middle School Students made the Central District Middle School Music Festival 
MICCA: HMMS Symphony Band received Silver; Remington Symphony Band received silver; Annie Sullivan Symphony Band Medal of Merit; Franklin Public String Orchestra received silver; Franklin Repertory Orchestra received silver; Middle School Select Chorus received silver; FHS Concert Band received bronze; FHS Wind Ensemble received silver; FHS Orchestra received bronze 
22 FHS Students were accepted into Central District Senior High School Festival. 14 Received All State Recommendations 
Seven FHS students have been accepted to All State Festival These students will be acknowledged by the School Committee during their February 23, 2016 meeting at 7 pm in the Council Chambers 
15 Middle School students made the Central District Middle School Music Festival. 
Franklin School Committee awarded the seven FHS All State Music students.  
FHS Jazz Band won silver medal. 
Massachusetts Instrumental & Choral Conductors (MICCA) Awards for 2016 are as follows: FHS Chorus - Silver, FHS Select Chorus FHS- Silver, Concert Band - Bronze, FHS Orchestra - Silver, FHS Wind Ensemble - Silver, ASMS Band - Bronze, Combined Middle School Orchestra - Gold, Middle School Honors Choir - Silver, HMMS Band - Silver, Remington Symphony Band - Silver, & Franklin Repertory Orchestra - Gold. Congratulations to all! 
21 FHS Students were accepted into 2017 Central Districts Senior High School Festival. Of these 21, eleven were recommended for All States.  
There are two FHS students who will be attending National Association for Music Education's All Eastern.  
FHS Trumpeter Matt Dao participated in the All Nationals Orchesta Concert in Texas this past Nov. 2016. 
Four FHS students were selected to be part of 2017 All State Music Festival. 
19 Middle Schoo students made the 2017 Central District Middle School Music Festival. 
Abigail Gipson, viola player at Franklin High School, was recently selected as a member of the 2017 National Honors Performance Series. She played in the honors orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York on February 5th. Congratulations Abigail! 
MICCA –Massachusetts Instrumental & Choral Conductors Association- results for 2017: Middle Schools ASMS Symphony Band directed by Pamela Butz - Silver Franklin Middle School Combined Choir directed by Renee Hersee – Silver Franklin Middle School Orchestra directed by Carla Loukota – GOLD HMMS Symphony Band directed by Nicole Wright - Silver RMS Symphony Band directed by Mickey Ireland – Silver High School FHS Chorus directed by Michael Sansoni – Silver FHS Concert Band directed by Leighanne J. Rudsit – Silver FHS Select Chorus directed by Michael Sansoni – Bronze FHS Symphony Orchestra directed by Diane Plouffe - Silver FHS Wind Ensemble directed by Leighanne J. Rudsit – Silver Franklin Public School Repertory Orchestra directed by Diane Plouffe – Silver 
Four FHS Music students were accepted into the 2017 Massachusetts Music Educators Association All State Honor Ensembles. The performances took place on March 11 at Symphony Hall in Boston. Participating in the All State Band were Augustine Marzoratti, clarinet; Brendan McWalter, baritone saxophone; and Cameron Cawley, tuba. Selected to perform with the All State Orchestra was Samuel Friday. 
CD-MMEA Sr. Auditions will take place on 11/18 and we have 39 students auditioning this year. We wish them well! 
TriM Induction is this Tuesday Nov 14. The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 9-12 that meet the musical, academic, leadership, and character criteria asked of every member. Tri-M is a program of NAfME (National Association for Music Education), which is the largest arts education association in the world. 
Fifteen FHS students made Central Districts Senior High School Festival. Eleven received All State Recommendations. 
63 Middle School Students auditioned for Junior Central Districts. 
Sixteen members of the Franklin High School music program auditioned and were accepted into the 2018 Massachusetts Central District Honor Ensembles- Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chorus and Orchestra. The performances took place on January 13th at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA.  
Congratulations goes out to our FHS music students who were accepted into the All State Honor Ensembles! Evan Kurdi will be performing with the All State Chorus, while Lauren Dennett and Augustine Marzoratti with be performing with the Band. Finally, Brinda Venkataraman, Miles Reed and Sumit Choudhury will be performing with the All State Orchestra. The festival will take place at the Boston Seaport Hotel, culminating in a performance at Symphony Hall during the first weekend in March.  
23 Middle School students were accepted in the Central Districts Middle School Music Festival.  
There will be six Franklin High School music students attending All State Music Festival. The students are: Orchestra: Miles Reed (1st seat Cello!), Brinda Venkataraman, Summit Choudhury; Band: Lauren Dennett, Augustine Marzarotti; Chorus: Evan Kurdi 
MICCA Results! Congratulations to all of the Performing Ensembles! Wind Ensemble - Silver Concert Band - Silver Chorus - Silver Select Chorus - Silver Symphony Orchestra - Gold Repertory Orchestra - Gold 
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